Book Review : The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi











Title : The Krishna Key
Author : Ashwin Sanghi
Publisher : Westland
Cost : 250/-

So here’s another masterpiece by Ashwin Sanghi.

He is by far, one of my favorite India authors these days.

Ashwin’s Chanakya’ Chants was a bestseller and I had loved it thoroughly ! So ever since, I had been eagerly waiting for his next venture. I was delighted the moment I received the book from Blogadda.

The Krishna Key, once again is based upon Ashwin’s favourite genre – HISTORY ! Whoever ever thought history and mythology was boring, must start reading Ashwin’s books, I recommend.

This one is a well researched book for sure. The author beautifully amalgamates the times of Mahabharata to the present day. The characters are well thought of and nicely presented.

The story which is accompanied by details and images straight from history is interesting. (Maybe I find it interesting since I have loved history all my life).

Sanghi explores the myth of Kalki – the final avatar of Krishna (also known as Vishnu in Indian mythology) – through an intriguing tale of a murder and a series of events that travel back and forth in time from Vrindavan and Mathura to a classroom in St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, across lifetimes.

Forty-five-year old professor Ravi Mohan Saini, who teaches the history of mythology at St. Stephen’s College, has an important role to play as the events unfold. In Sanghi’s gripping tale, Kalki is a serial killer who embarks on his bloody journey with the murder of Anil Varshney, a young symbolist in Rajasthan. Varshney is Saini’s oldest friend. The rest is mystery! No spoilers ahead 🙂 Must read for yourself.

…And did I tell you, I loved the cover 😀 It is such a curious piece of art.

The Krishna Key may sound similar to the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown at several instants. But this one is different.

It should be on your reading list for the season 🙂

Although, I must say that Chanakya’s Chants was a much better one.

Anyways, kudos Mr. Sanghi for all the research that you put in your work.

My Rating – 3.5*/5

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~ by Neha Sinha on October 8, 2012.

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