Book Review: ‘The Bankster’ by Ravi Subramanian

Book: The Bankster

Author: Ravi Subramanian

Number of pages: 358

Price: Rs. 250

First, I want to thank BlogAdda and Ravi Subramanian for giving me this opportunity to review and more importantly read, The Bankster.

To say that I was delighted to receive a signed copy would be an understatement. 🙂

‘The Bankster’, in one word is “ADDICTIVE”!!

I read a Financial Thriller for the first time, and believe me, I am now so excited to read Ravi’s other books of the same genre.

The bank in picture is the familiar Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2).The key role player is Karan Panjabi, the banker turned financial journalist.  The plot begins in the African country of Angola and with Joseph Bragnanza, a CIA covert agent involved in blood diamonds and arms dealing. From there it switches to a small town in Kerala, Devikullam and a 75-year-old man fighting the government in Gandhian way for clarity in the nuclear program being commissioned in his area and then we have our GB2 where the banking rigour, manipulations and power struggle brings out the various shades of the bankers. The storyline wades us  alternatively through the three dots spanning continents, various characters and finally how all the streams converges into a murkier plot that also sniffs out three banker’s life during the course.

What could be the connecting point of an international CIA agent and events happening in Kerala and the tragic deaths of Greater Boston Global bank employees? There is a global conspiracy to undermine the nation’s growth and how does it get muddier in cognisance with certain bankers? How the financial crime gets unravelled and does it shake the foundation of the multinational bank? It’s for you to read and trust me the book keeps you hooked to the last word.

The Bankster is a must read for anyone who loves thrill, adventure and lots of twists & turns.

Rating: 4.5/5 🙂

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~ by Neha Sinha on November 21, 2012.

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