Book Review: Tantra by Adi



Author: ADI

PRICE: 195/-

Paperback, 344 pages
Anu is a leather wearing, no-nonsense professional guardian with a reputation for killing the most dangerous vampires in New York City. But when her enemies murder the one person she truly cared about, all she wants is vengeance. The only clue points to New Delhi, so Anu puts in for a job transfer.
In India, she finds more than she expected. For one thing, her fellow operatives have made a truce with the vampires. For another, it’s way too hot to wear leather.
At first, it seems Anu’s biggest challenge will be evading the nice boys her aunt wants her to marry. But when children start disappearing, she discovers forces older and darker than anything she’s faced before. All of Delhi is in danger, especially the sexy stranger who sets Anu’s pulse racing.
To prepare for the coming battle, Anu must overcome her personal demons and put aside years of training. This time, her most powerful weapon will come from her mind, not her weapons belt.
Well, Vampires have always been the mystery box for me. There is something attractive about vampires that draws me to them. Tantra, in my opinion is quite a fascinating story de-tangling the webs of relations between vampires, humans, satvik forces, tantric forces, spirituality and what more…….. A web, yes, its a web! For once, I am glad an Indian writer provided a strong headed female lead protagonist. The story too unfolds well and keeps you hooked till the end.
The portrayal of Delhi and its people is great too. You can actually visualize so many of the scenes.
Few things that kind of disappointed me were –
1. The American English – I have never known a Delhite speaking that way!
2. However strong headed Anu, the lead protagonist in the story is shown, somewhere she gets weak in her knees having a dude around. I find that not so convincing, specially when the real motive of her flying down to the capital city was to look for Brian’s murderer, who she was so close to….
3. The End – yes it left me really disappointed. I can understand the writer wants to give way for the sequel, but like this? With nothing answered? I don’t quite like it… Frankly it felt that the last few pages of the book were torn…
What happened to Chandra? What about Brian’s killer? Why suddenly Anu wants to learn Tantra? What happened to Amit & Karim?……..and so on………..
And, for now, I am eagerly waiting for the sequel to have my questions answered.
I wish the next one concludes a bit better.
Rating: 3/5
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~ by Neha Sinha on April 25, 2013.

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